COMING SOON — Puberty Is Gross, But Also Really Awesome
March 23 2021, Rodale Kids, a Random House Children’s Book imprint
COMING SOON — Puberty Is Gross, But Also Really Awesome

A first-of-its-kind inclusive puberty guide that celebrates the good and completely awful parts of puberty. Filled with jokes and countless facts to put this stage in perspective – this book is bound to be every kid’s new best friend!

Puberty…it’s pretty gross for pretty much everyone. It’s a smelly, hairy, sticky, and (worst of all) totally confusing time! But did you know there’s a lot about puberty that makes it REALLY AWESOME?

Get the whole picture with this honest, humorous, and empowering survival guide to the tween years. Packed with easy-to-understand scientific information, interesting studies, and tips from experts, this book covers everything from breast development and gender identity to acne and mental health.

No matter your gender, sexuality, or race, this book is for you. With straightforward illustrations and an author who doesn’t shy away from the tough stuff, this utterly modern take on puberty is the resource this generation needs! Welcome to modern puberty – it’s transformative, kind of gross, but undeniably AWESOME!

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